Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

3 Reasons to See a Car Aircon Specialist for Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

Nothing beats the heat better than a fully-operating air conditioner, especially during the intense summers that are common in South Australia. If your air conditioning system suddenly stops working, you’ll need the prompt and professional air conditioner maintenance service that only a seasoned car aircon specialist can provide.


If you haven’t had a reason to see your car aircon specialist, here are a few that should have you making that appointment as soon as possible:

Diminished Performance

If the air coming from your vents suddenly turns tepid, then it’s time to have your car aircon specialist take a close look. There are plenty of reasons why your AC system could lose its cool, which makes diagnosis an important first step in making your AC system whole again.

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to prevent major air conditioner problems is to have the small ones addressed as soon as they turn up. Unfortunately, it’s tempting to ignore small AC problems – at least until those problems grow into bigger and more expensive issues. Preventive maintenance helps nip those issues in the bud by providing proactive care and service for your AC system.

Upgrade refrigerant for older vehicles.

If you own an older vehicle that still uses older refrigerant, you may want to switch to R134a.

If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced in a while, make Mike King Air Conditioning your car aircon specialist You’ll get professional service regardless of the type of vehicle you own, all at competitive prices. Mike King proudly serves Saint Agnes and the Adelaide, South Australia area, so you’re never too far from quality service. Enquire today and schedule your next air conditioner maintenance service.